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Compact VHF/UHF FM Portable Radios

Slim, thin and light - Kenwood's TK-2300/3300 is supremely easy to handle and to operate. Yet this handy compact radio is extremely reliable, meeting the famously tough MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F and G specifications. With its well-balanced performance, it makes perfect business sense - especially for inventory control and service industry operations.
Below is a brief list of features. For a complete list of product features and specifications, please download the product brochure.


  • 150-174 MHz VHF 2W
  • 450-470 MHz UHF 2W
  • 4 & 16 Channel Models
  • Single Priority / Normal Scan
  • 2 PF Keys
  • FleetSync®
  • DTMF Encode / Decode
  • VOX
  • Voice Inversion Scrambler Built-In
  • Channel Number Announcement

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